When I was a youth in upstate New York, I ritually climbed a 60-70 foot scrub pine in the woods behind our upstate New York home. Covered in the tree’s sticky honey-colored sap, inhaling the tantalizing scent of evergreen, swaying in the wind in the top bough, I created an imaginary world in which I could dance with the white billowing clouds in the baby blue sky.  In one meditative moment, I realized that every thing in nature was interconnected and all was of equal importance.
The dream of what could be is paramount in my artwork. As a painter utilizing mixed media, I aim to create meaningful and visceral experiences that reflect today’s social and political atmosphere. Driven by a research based methodology, I search for unexpected associations and commonalities, and find links between seemingly disparate concepts in an increasingly complex world. With a multi-cultural heritage, trans disciplinary studies and experiences living and traveling in the USA and abroad, I embrace a humanist, universal and environmental perspective that venerates the equal importance of all in nature and of differing cultures; there is no hierarchy.  In this context, the power of the natural and man made worlds collide, the relationship between place and time shift, and what we choose to remember and forget are in flux.  From this vantage point, it was natural for me to examine the connections between biodiversity and cultural diversity, sustainability and spirituality, the industrial and the indigenous, and their possibilities for tomorrow informed by the present and recalling the past.
In my studio practice, I combine these ideals with the reinterpretation of traditional landscapes into otherworldly surroundings that at first glance create a dream-like utopian calm but could signal an impending storm.  Fusing abstraction and realism and surrealism and expressionism, I work intuitively embracing vivid color, gestural mark-making, sweeping brushstrokes of thin and thick paint and mixed media, and allow for the beauty of unbridled accident, symbolic meaning in the multiplicity and the play between perception and perspective.  Inspired by diverse cultures and landscape, I build a unique iconography from nature, architecture, technology, the periodic table, mythology, philosophy, history, and traditions and poetry from various cultures and religions.

Through my art I strive to connect people, stimulate cross cultural dialog, lay fertile ground for planting new seeds of thought, grow awareness, and cultivate conversation about equality, environmental peace building, and cultural understanding and harmony, embracing similiarities, celebrating differences and reimagining new relationships across international borders where there once were boundaries.  The dream of what could be, discovered together.

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