Connecting nature and human nature comes naturally.  

Coming of age in the tumultuous late 1960’s and early 1970's, an era of political and social change, Earth Day, civil rights and feminism, was a contrast to the the bucolic, carefree natural surroundings of semi-rural upstate New York and mountains of New Hampshire in which I grew up.  One day I was climbing a 60 foot scrub pine covered in sticky sap and imagining I could dance with the white billowing clouds in a baby blue sky.  The next day, I filled notebooks with drawings and paintings of brightly colored trees, flowers, and people floating in and out of peace signs, the ubiquitous sign of the times.  

Studio practice allows me to transcend the every day world and examine the human condition on a deeper level.  Like any good explorer, I'm driven by curiosity and a will to make a difference. Self-discovery is most profound through the freedom of painting and challenge of experimenting with other media in relation to it.  Optimal creativity is unleashed as the canvas increases in size and the spreading of materials widens.

In my studio practice, I examine political and social issues in relation to universalist and existential philosophy. I search for unexpected associations and commonalities in an increasingly complex world. What is my place in a global community? What will the world look like as we collectively make our mark on the planet? How might the connection between diverse cultural and interdisciplinary perspectives create unity? How does the past inform our present and future?

I interpret traditional landscapes into otherworldly surroundings that at first glance create a dream-like utopian calm but could signal chaos. Energized by this dichotomy, I work intuitively, slinging, swiping and streaming oil and acrylic allowing for the beauty of the unbridled accident.  Freedom of expression through the media challenges me to marry levels of thought-provoking ideas with layers of expressive vibrant, gestural mark making, and luscious strokes of thin and thick paint as I work on the raw unencumbered spaces of canvas, paper and wood.  

By building an iconography of spiritually charged clouds, people, animals, architecture, language and elements of the periodic table, parallels are made. Words in various languages have floated lyrically in my visual story telling over the years.  In my current body of work, I utilize verses and words with environmental themes from the Bible and Qur’an, written in English, Hebrew, and Arabic. Sharing these thematic threads, my artwork has expanded to include mixed media collage and digital photography. 

The trans-disciplinary nature of my work is Influenced by my multi-cultural French/Armenian/Jewish/Christian heritage, birthplace in Japan, memories, academic career, and world travels. As a result, my art has aimed to lay fertile ground for planting new seeds of thought, growing awareness, and cultivating colorful conversation and controversy about the human condition through cultural and environmental connections. My aim is for viewers to enter my work and for the work to enter them, simultaneously stimulating an emotional and intellectual connection, exploration and wonder each day.


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